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1. Be a decent human being
Don't be an asshole. No shitty behavior will be tolerated. Don't bash the players, the characters, the fandoms, or the ships in the game. Respect your fellow players and treat them the way they want to be treated.

If someone is breaking this rule and is harassing you, let the Mods know ASAP.

2. Respect the line between In Character and Out Of Character Interaction
IC =/= OOC. Don’t take IC interactions personally. Don’t take OOC knowledge IC unless it would be appropriate.

3. Communicate often and respectfully
Reach out and talk and brainstorm with your fellow players. We do understand shyness, but OOC communication keeps the game flowing smoothly so don't be rude about it. People in this game use many different forms of communication: AIM, email, Plurk, dropboxes, and PMs. There are many ways to get a hold of fellow players - use them.

But don't harass your fellow players. Just don't.

4. Click, don't clique
Do NOT form cliques, for any reason. Do NOT do this. Branch outside of your general circle of play, be inclusive.

5. Play
We expect every player to be a contributing member of the game. So don’t be a flake. Instead, write and interact, tag into as many characters' posts as possible. Don't make us babysit your activity levels.

6. Do NOT godmod
Do not move or attribute any action to any character(s) (or their possessions) not your own without first gaining permission from the player of said other character(s).

Additionally, characters with above-average human powers cannot use their powers against other characters unless the players have agreed to such beforehand.

7. Be an adult
All players must be 18 years of age or older.

8. Game time and setting
The time and setting of the game are as follows:
The in-game start is April 1st 2014. (The first season of Warehouse 13 started 2009. The AU for our game is 5 years after the canon start of the show. See our FAQ for a more detailed answer.)
Three (3) days in the Real World = One (1) In-Game Day. See our Calendar HERE to keep track of the Day # and Date in game. We will also keep the days and dates current and posted clearly on each comm.
The game takes place on a version of Earth almost identical to our own. All holidays normally celebrated in our reality are celebrated in game. If you are not sure, ask us.
For administrative purposes, of the game, all deadlines are measured by US Eastern Standard Time.

Backdated logs are acceptable. But within reason:
NETWORK: posts can be backdated up to six (6) real-time days.
LOGS: can be backdated up to a month real-time.
Placeholders are always acceptable.

Foredated logs and network posts are acceptable. But within reason:
NETWORK: posts can be foredated up to three (3) real-time days.
LOGS: can be foredated up to three real-time days.
Placeholders are always acceptable.

Content within a Network post is assumed to happen the same day as the post unless otherwise indicated in the comments such as by an OOC note.

9. Acceptable lines, line appropriateness, prohibited lines
Het, slash, femme, and gen are all accepted and encouraged in the game. (Characters do not need to stick to canon ships, but relationships should always be played out and developed in a realistic manner.)

Most mature lines/themes are also allowed. Place mature content behind cuts and always use appropriate ratings/trigger warnings for logs.

The following things must be warned for on threads (logs and network posts alike): violence, sexual content, IC bigotry, and spoilers. If a thread contains this stuff, slap a warning on the OP.

For warnings more detailed than this, if you feel something should be warned for in your thread, go ahead and add it. It’s better to err on the side of being courteous.

For prohibited lines, see below.

This is not a kink/smut centric game. Smut is allowed, but should not be the main focus of your RP in this game.

Lines that are major or potentially disruptive must be discussed with the Mods first. These could be, but are not limited to: character death, rape, severe abuse/assault lines, pregnancy lines, characters doing something to affect the Warehouse/Character housing/Univille, major illegal activity, game-wide character-driven plots that affect more than a few characters, etc. It's likely we won't say 'no,' we just want to know what's going on, that everyone involved is okay with the content, and that the major lines fit with the game.

In-game: incest, bestiality, adult/child sexual relations (not including abuse as part of the character's back history) and Mpreg (unless part of the character’s fandom) are prohibited.

10. Character limits
Two (2) characters on hold at a time.

All of a player’s characters must be in the game for two (2) weeks before another hold/application submission will be allowed.

Players can play up to two (2) characters from one fandom.

Players cannot play characters from the same fandom who would reasonably be expected to interact frequently. (Eg: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner from the Avengers 'Verse. They are friends. They would be expected to interact frequently in the game.)

The character limit is set at a total of FIVE (5).
However, receiving additional characters is contingent upon playing frequently and inclusively.

What do we mean by 'frequently and inclusively'?
For each character: An average 1-2 new instances of play per week (these can be posts your character makes or posts they tag into - and we are flexible, we'll usually average this out over the course of a month to account for RL busy weeks), tagging out frequently (how often do you tag into public posts? Not often? Then get on it!), engaging with other characters inside and outside your character's fandom (as ICly as possible for your character), not flaking on interactions, participating in plots (either to have your character affected, or have your character helping those affected), etc.

This list is not comprehensive. If we feel your activity needs to improve before you receive more characters, we will ask you to improve before allowing another character.

The focus of the game is character development and interaction, NOT character collecting.

We are more than willing to work with a player to help them reach a higher level of activity with their characters. If you've tried and have found yourself struggling to find interaction opportunities, contact either of the Mods.

11. PBs and icons
There is no limit on the number of times a PB can be used at any given time. However, if there are 3 of the same PB in game at the same time, the 4th+ use of that PB will comes with certain measures. Come see the Mods if this situation applies to the character you want to app.
PBs/Icons must be character appropriate in both looks and age.
Each character must have at least 5 icons in their journal. For characters using a hologram projector, at least one icon needs to be of the face their projector shows.
Cartoon/CGI icons are acceptable, especially in cases where a suitable PB does not exist, but they still must be fit the character.

12. Who can be played in the game
All characters must be from established fandoms (yes, even gods and goddesses, they cannot just simply be from 'mythology'), OR be Original Characters, and, of course, not already on our TAKEN PAGE.

Canon character histories must be canon-compliant and must align with the other characters from their fandom (or version of their fandom) that are already in the game. In-game characters’ histories take precedence.

Also, characters with meta powers are certainly allowed, but characters (powered or not) cannot be disruptive to the overall flow of the game. Additionally, meta powers do not give you, the player, the right to godmod other characters - always seek permission first before doing something to another character.

Canon Characters
Almost all canon characters are playable. Characters must remain true to their core canon characterization, both as presented in their applications and maintained in play. No Sue/Stue-ifications are allowed. Mods reserve the right to request players reevaluate their characterizations/histories to better comply with canon facts.
Players are allowed to pick up some characters from the Warehouse 13 and Eureka fandoms. If you would like to do this, you must talk to the Mods first as these characters come with certain obligations and restrictions because they are part of the game's framework. Also keep in mind, players are only allowed a total of two (2) WH13/Eureka characters each. To view a complete list of the game's NPCs and whether they are appable, go HERE. Keep in mind this list of WH13 characters is not a comprehensive list of all appable characters from WH13/Eureka.

Original Characters
OCs are allowed, both canon OCs and straight OCs. However, canon OCs MUST conform with the greater canon of their fandom. (No Dumbledore's secret daughters or Frodo's long-lost twin sisters, etc.) ALSO keep in mind the application for OCs is much more extensive - you will need to show us much more than we require for canon characters.
OCs from the WH13/Eureka fandoms are allowed, but you must talk to the Mods first and get their approval.

CANON AUs: AUs are allowed if they are present in fandom (Ex: ToS Spock and Reboot Spock). Player created AUs will not be allowed.

Sometimes there are multiple versions of a canon. We allow these multiple versions when they are significantly different from one another. Ex: There are the original Sherlock Holmes works, BBC's Sherlock, and CBS' Elementary. All have a 'Sherlock,' and each fandom would be allowed in the game.

13. Characters with previous game experience
Characters from previous games are allowed so long as the previous game was not an AU-based game. The characters will still need to have been canon-compliant prior to their entrance in the previous game.

Be aware that other characters are not required to then know your character or their previous-game history, even if your character knew a version of those characters in the previous game. You and other players may play characters with similar previous-game histories, but that is something prearranged between you and the other players.

If you character had experience with WH13/Eureka characters at their previous game, any information they may have learned about the Warehouse organization will not come with the characters. Memories of their relationships with WH13/Eureka characters must be discussed with the Mods.

14. Canon bumping/updating
This is allowed, but you must talk to the Mods first. We’ll ask you to write up a couple paragraphs covering the new canon material to be added to your character’s History section. After the update is approved, your character will disappear from the game (be sent home by the camera) for at least one (1) IC day, and return afterward with their new canon memories.

15. Be reasonably realistic
All characters' actions and reactions, lines, causes and effects, and in-game consequences must be realistic and fit within the appropriate characterizations and fandoms. Sue/Stue-isms or spechul snowflake-isms will not be tolerated. If your character makes a mistake, there will be consequences.

Breaking the Law - it is allowed, but keep in mind if your character does this in an egregious manner or frequency you must let the Mods know ahead of time, and plan for realistic consequences.

16. Evil-aligned characters
Evil-aligned and morally ambiguous characters are allowed, but their numbers may be capped if the Mods feel they are overwhelming the game.

Evil characters who by design would only be around for a brief period of time are allowed for character-driven plots. If you would like to bring in an evil-aligned character for a specific purpose that will only last for a brief period of time please talk to the Mods for further details.

17. Spoiler Alert!
All new fandom material must be out two weeks before it can be used in an app.

Any new material revealed about your fandom/character that might be used in-game before the two-week threshold must be put behind a cut.

18. Canon-puncturing/fourth-walling
Because this game takes place on a version of Earth immersed in pop culture, it's possible for the characters to stumble across the media they are from. It's also possible for other characters to know of characters from other fandoms, due to having media that depicts those characters in their universe.

However, canon-puncturing is left up to the player of the character. If you do not want your character punctured, it does not have to happen. There are measures put into place to give your character the opportunity to never encounter such a thing. You can review them HERE.

Players, do not canon-puncture a character if their player does not want it to happen. You may reference the TAKEN PAGE to see who is, and is not, canon-puncturable.

If you wish to canon-puncture your character, please do not do this in an overt, in-your-face way in the game. Discussing it among friends is certainly fine, but please avoid posts that do not allow others the option to pass it by.

Characters from the WH13/Eureka fandoms cannot be 'canon punctured'. In this universe WH13 and Eureka are not television shows. For the purpose of this game, while the shows exist for us, they do not exist for the characters. So even if a character is from a universe where WH13 and Eureka could be shows, the shows still won't exist.

19. Quality over quantity
We do not require a word minimum on tags. However, quality writing must be maintained. We are not grammar/punctuation/spelling control freaks; we understand the occasional typo happens. But we expect players to proofread their posts beforehand. Also - give your writing partners tags that move the thread along and/or give them something to write off of. If a player’s level of writing slips after being added to the game they will be asked to improve; if they do not they will be removed.

20. Activity Requirements
All characters must be played for the first time within one week of being added to the game.

To stay in the game, every character must participate in at least ONE (1) meaningful thread per month. What does that mean? You've engaged other players in an interaction that is sustained for a number of tags and you haven't ignored anyone responding to your character. (This one thread can be something you've tagged into or something your character made.) The AC every month will check for this. For more precise details, you can check HERE.

Character squatting is not allowed. Players should be doing more than the minimum each month out of courtesy for their fellow players. The minimum should only be relied on for those months when RL gets rough. If we see a player with only minimum activity for two months in a row, they will be talked to and asked to improve. If they do not improve, they will be booted.

***Keep in mind that the minimum activity requirement is only the bare minimum a player must do to remain in the game. Doing only the bare minimum will not be acceptable if you wish to apply for additional characters.

21. Activity check
Every player is required to respond to the monthly activity check. Every check will ask for proof of the bare minimum activity requirement. The only exception is a RL emergency; in that case a player can seek a pass, but it must be approved by the Mods. Checks will be posted every month on the 1st and will last exactly one week, closing on the 7th at midnight EST. Details for the check will be provided at that time.

For a thread to be counted as part of in-game canon and to be used for activity checks, it must be posted to the logs or network comms. Players are welcome to use email or gdocs to work out a scene and then post it whole to the comms.

Passes in the event of RL emergencies or one-off bad months are allowed; however, for the next month’s activity check, we will ask you to submit double activity for each character you took a pass for in the previous month.

Again, for more precise details, you can check HERE.

22. Hiatuses
Hiatuses are allowed; RL happens, we understand. Go HERE to request an official hiatus and for further details. Please note the following:

They cannot last for more than one month at a time (unofficial, unannounced hiatuses are counted in this).

Hiatuses shorter than two weeks cannot be used to get out of doing the bare minimum activity requirement each month. Hiatuses in general should not be used to get out of submitting activity check. (Of course, we are not blind to RL emergencies. If you have a pressing RL issue to take care of, talk to us. Passes on the AC will only be allowed with Mod approval.)

They cannot be abused or used too frequently. If we see someone abusing hiatuses (official or unofficial), we will talk to the player about the situation. If they do not improve, they will either lose characters or be removed from the game. Is Pluto a planet or a dog?

23. Dropping
Sometimes it's necessary, we understand. There’s no shame if you need to drop a character or the game. Please go HERE to state your intentions.

24. Attack of the killer plot bunnies
Meta Plot - there is an over-arching meta plot that the characters can participate in or not. No one is required to play in the meta plot. But if you would like to be involved, please come see the Mods.

Artifact Plots - every so often Artifacts will affect the characters' lives in strange and mind-boggling ways (almost none of which will be mandatory). We encourage players to participate. And if you have an idea for a plot, PLEASE come see the Mods. We'd love to implement it, and we'll probably ask your help in doing so.

Character-Driven Plots - We love these! Sometimes the characters get up to crazy shenanigans on their own without the aid of Artifacts or mysterious villains lurking in the shadows. If you have an idea for a character-driven plot, by all means, come see us.

25. Sometimes the Mods open their big mouths
Moderators will sometimes post OOC plot announcements, clarifications, reminders, and other details in the OOC community. Every player is to be aware of these posts and to read them in their entirety. Every player is also to comply with any request made therein in a timely fashion.

Sometimes the Mods will need to email individual players. All players are to provide the Mods with an active email account so that this is possible. Players also need to make sure their account does not filter emails from the Mods to a spam folder. The Mods expect players to read those emails promptly and to comply with any requests made therein in a timely fashion.

26. Them's the rules
All players must abide by the rules stated on this rules page, and any other information on our other information posts.

Final decisions on all rules and matters are, naturally, left to the Mods' discretion. However, we welcome respectful discussions and suggestions. Yes, we even welcome having our typos pointed out to us.

All rules are subject to change - to be added to or subtracted from - at the discretion of the Mods. Major changes will be announced in the OOC comm. If you have clarification questions or concerns about something not addressed, please feel free to contact the Mods HERE.

If you are sold on the game, place a hold HERE, and get your app form HERE.




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